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Here is some additional information on some of my more noteworthy upcoming and recent performances:

Solo Piano Concert at the Denver Public Library

This Thursday – June 13 – I will be performing a solo piano concert for the new “brown bag” lunch series at the Denver Public Library. I will be playing a numch of my original compositions that I think work especially well for solo piano. Maybe a standard...Read More »

Gift of Jazz Presents Graduation Concert for Jazz Education Courses

The students of the Gift of Jazz spring courses are proud to present their graduation concert at Dazzle ( on Wednesday, June 12, at 7 PM. The concert will be hosted by the instructor for these courses: professional pianist, composer, and educator Marc Sabatella ( . Tickets are...Read More »

Rhapsody in Blue and other works at the Denver Public Library, 10/23/12

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The Marc Sabatella Quartet - Live Recording from Dazzle, 9/19/2011

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The Marc Sabatella Octet - Live Recording From Dazzle, 5/15/2010

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Announcing The Marc Sabatella Octet!

On Saturday, May 15, I will be premiering a new jazz ensemble, the Marc Sabatella Octet, at Dazzle (930 Lincoln, Denver). There will be shows at 7 and 9 PM, with a $12 cover ($8 for students at the 9 PM show). The band will feature Brad Goode...Read More »

Fred Hess Recording Session

Earlier this month I had the pleasure of taking part in a recording session by the Fred Hess Big Band. Fred’s music is always a fun challenge to play, but spending the better part a whole week in rehearsals, a concert, and of course the recording itself added a new...Read More »