MuseScore 2.0.1 Released

So much was happening around the release of MuseScore 2.0 in March that I neglected to post the news to my blog here.  Nonetheless, response has been amazing!  For more on the MuseScore 2.0 release, see the original announcement at

Now, I have two other important bits of information to share.

First, we have now released the first update: MuseScore 2.0.1.  This fixes over 100 bugs and illustrates our commitment to keeping MuseScore fresh.  To download, go to

Also in that spirit, I have release a new version of my MuseScore Example Manager extension for LibreOffice.  This extension greatly simplifies the process of inserting musical examples into text documents.  Simply click the MuseScore icon that the extension adds to the LibreOffice toolbar, select the MuseScore score you wish to insert, and it is automatically converted to a graphic (PNG), trimmed to remove margins, and inserted into your document.  What’s more, the graphic is linked to the original score, so that if you Ctrl+click the example in your document, the original score is automatically opened in MuseScore for further editing.  Clicking the MuseScore icon on the LibreOffice toolbar then automatically regenerates and updates the graphic.  You can download the extension at

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