Colorado Plein Air

The impending end of summer means a lot of things to a lot of people, but for Denver-area artists, one thing that many of us look forward to is the Colorado Plein Air Festival (formerly the Denver Plein Air Festival). It’s an organized but increasingly broad event in which artists paint outdoors throughout the area, culminating in a juried show and competition in the fall. I have participated only peripherally in past years, but have been dedicated to bei more involved this year. So far I’ve been painting at the Capitol, on Lookout Mountain, at Red Rocks, in Leadville, and at the buffalo herd overlook at Genesee Park. I have eleven paintings to show for it – all on iPad, all using Paper by 53. With school starting next week, it’s going to be hard to maintain that pace, but I’m happy to be where I am and already have a few worthy of submitting for the competition. Here are some of my favorites.





Lair o’ the Bear


I have painted at Lair o’ the Bear many times and I never get tired of it – this is one of my favorite locations near Denver. This is my first iPad painting at this location. It was a challenge, because the sun was bright and it was hard to see the screen sometimes for all the glare and reflections. But eventually my eyes adjusted enough. I spent about an hour on this.