Corbus Plays Zappa

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I was not very familiar with Frank Zappa’s music before this concert by Dave Corbus.  Or more specifically, before hearing my wife Wendy Fopeano practicing for the concert, as she was the lead singer.  Definitely a creative cat, and Corbus’ band – Dave, Wendy, Peter Sommer, Andre Mallinger, Jeff Jenkins, Bijoux Barbosa, and Paul Romaine – did a fantastic job on some very challenging music.

Lair o’ the Bear


I have painted at Lair o’ the Bear many times and I never get tired of it – this is one of my favorite locations near Denver. This is my first iPad painting at this location. It was a challenge, because the sun was bright and it was hard to see the screen sometimes for all the glare and reflections. But eventually my eyes adjusted enough. I spent about an hour on this.